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--- Quote from: Morticia ---Jordyn,

How do you know for sure that the energies you use are not from some evil source?

--- End quote ---

what is evil?

evil has no application in my life...that'd be like saying something in nature is evil because it's a predator and not prey...the nice thing is as a human i have the option of not becoming the prey.

for me the only evil is what man creates to allow some, explanation for what he can not control or deems as not right, by his standards...and is as subjective to society as people apply it...

Zak Roy Yoballa:
What is evil?  

Good question.  I'll start another thread about this.

This is an interesting question, where do spells come from? I think they begin as prayers of an individual that are ritualized and passed on through the generations. I've always wondered about who sat down and wrote something like "the book of the dead" or a grimore. I guess it works like anything else, people experiment until they find something that works, then they pass on the info.

If you use someone else's spell would it work the same?  A spell seems personalized with the intent and the casters own energy.  Just a question...thanks!  Empty Void

Spells have been used for ever to catalyse energies in order to manipulate time, space and the spiritual plan including action through external entities. There are spells but they require long practice and strong belief to be effective.


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