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The Old Days Of Magick


Phantom X:
Back in the old days, when they used to use eye of newt, tongue of frog, hair from a bat bitten dog and so forth is actually very cool and a bit sneaky at the same time.

Most the people that went to the witches of old for help with a potion to cure or make someone fall in love with them were told to gather certain ingredients.

They were made to do so, because the energies used in gathering the ingredients helped with the spell/potion. It wasnt the ingredients that were important it was the energy put into finding and collecting them.

Another reason they were made to gather the ingredients it because som eof the people that went to the witches for help were actually there to get proof of the crime of witchcraft so that the witches could be persecuted. If the people/client didnt gather the materials nothing was done and there was not proof. Conversely, if they did gather the ingredients, they took part in the magic/k, and thus would be guilty of the crime themselves.

It was both a help to the client and a form of added protection for the witch...

did you know that eye of newt was actually the name of a plant?

Devious Viper:
That's historical revisionism. There are plants known today as "eye of newt" (a lily and an iris to name but two) but 400 years ago they weren't.

oh.  I'm not very advanced in that subject.  srry


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