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Here is a question to all of you witches, warlocks, druids and mages. No cheating now, this is a test of your magickal adeptness. If you don't know the answer, don't be ashamed, it will be revealed in time.

Who was the first to change the spelling of magic to magick, in order to differentiate between stage magic and "real" magic?

Phantom X:
A shot in the dark here.


Devious Viper:
Nice shootin' Phantom!

Crowley first used that spelling, and some today believe that he was simply reviving an older word. Which he wasn't - that spelling had never previously existed.

Phantom X:
Shadowling pounded that into my brain when I had lessions with him. I guess I should thank him.

Impressive. I was pretty confident that some one would get it, but on the first guess, well thats marvelous.

The reason I ask is because all to often people confuse silly new age/recently-coined terms with arcane and esoteric terms. For the same reason I get all hot and bothered about "Vampyres." It just seems silly, and when we are in a forum that presupposes discussion of the supernatural, it seemed redundant to add the k.

Either way, good work. Crowley was a revolutionary.


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