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Solstice sun beams into chamber


Bloody Angel:
The unique summer solstice sun beaming through a north Wales burial chamber has been recorded by history experts.
The 20-minute alignment of the sun will occur on only a few days this week at the Bryn Celli Ddu chamber on Anglesey.
The video of the summer solstice at the 5,000 year old chamber will form part of a museum exhibition in Cardiff.
Archaeologist Steve Burrow made the discovery after reading a book by Sir Norman Lockyear published almost 100 years ago.

You may read the whole article at the following url

As the video is going to be part of the exhibition “Death in Wales: 4000-3000 BC”, held at the National Museum Cardiff until 24 September, you might want to give a peek at this

Devious Viper:
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Bloody Angel:

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Gosh, I missed this one and I apologize!

Very interesting.

I used to live in a solar home - we positioned it to use the sun as a source of heat in the winter.  My ex-husband lined it up, staked it out and checked it on the summer solstice before we ever laid the foundation.

On the summer solstice the sunlight stopped at the window sill of every single window in the front of the house.

In the winter, the shortest day of the year, the sunlight reached about 15 feet or so back into the house.  It was interesting, but ruined the furniture.


I should make a sun house. 0-)


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