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I have been reading alot about the new rage to drink absinthe.  Do you think it really has hallucinagenic properties?  Is this a load of crap?  What other herbs could have this affect without causing death?  I was wondering what to watch for with my kids.

Empty Void

Devious Viper:
The ingredient which supposedly causes the hallucinations is thujone.

--- Quote from: Journal of Studies on Alcohol (Vol65, No.5, Sept 2004) ---A high concentration of thujone in alcohol has negative effects on attention performance. It slowed down reaction time, and subjects concentrated their attention in the central field of vision. Medium doses did not produce an effect noticeably different from plain alcohol. The high dose of thujone in this study was larger than what one can get from current beyond-EU-regulation "high thujone" absinthe before becoming too drunk to notice, and while the effects of even this high dose were statistically significant in a double blind test, the test subjects themselves could still not reliably identify which samples were the ones containing thujone. The deleterious effects of absinthe as well as its hallucingenic properties are a persistent myth often repeated in modern books and scientific journals with no evidence for either.
--- End quote ---

I've heard that Absinthe was banned and they brought it back but it's less harmful and now called "Versinthe"


You probably knew that but there's the link anyway, for your pleasure!  :wink:

From what I understand the main danger is alcohol poisoning due to the high alcohol content created during the distilling process.  I have heard several of my kids' friends talk about this drink and was wondering about its availabilty to minors.  Can't be too careful I say!!   They'll have enough time to mess up later when they are out of my house.... Thanks for the links.  EV 

No problem!  :wink:


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