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This is what a daikaiju is:

For those who can't be arsed to read the article, a Daikaiju, or Kaiju, is a giant monster that smashes things, blows shit up, and beats the bajeezus out of other giant monsters. They featured prominently in old horror movies from the 50's and 60's, though certain franchises, such as Godzilla, survive to this day.
I'm convinced that somewhere, in a black-and-white dimension populated by horrific creatures from Filmland, the classic "giant movie-monsters" are worshipped as Gods.

In this thread, you will create your own using this format:


I'll make mine after some replies.

Have at it!
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Re: Daikaiju!
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Name: Black Liger of the Abyss

Appearance: As big as Godzilla, humanoid, Covered with black fur, with black feathered wings, a set of rams horns, a Liger's head, claws, & is androgynous.

Backstory: Unknown. :-P

Powers: Control over the basic elements, telekinesis, telepathy, & can fly.

Weakness: Can't swim, & will drown in any water deep enough. Can be Sealed within a human virgin with the proper ceremony & sheer, brute strength of the caster.

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Re: Daikaiju!
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Form 1: A Greenish bio-tech white tiger with arm blades as long as its legs and. As big as an aircrat carrier, with a Silver helm-thing that's actually a brain-cockpit for me to sit in.

Form 2: A big sleek mecha. the armblades convert into well..... arm swords. and it walks on  its now hind-humanoid legs. color scheme is now red black. am in heart

Form 3: A watch-gauntlet-staff-sword-back pack-etc. (i don't want a large secret base for this thing. so i'm carrying it around with me. and it always sticks with me. even if it has to crawl in my body to do it.)

Backstory: Yesterday i decided to make something super cool, to fight your kajius with without making it unbeatable and i wanted it to be corny.

Powers:(all forms): neural connections feeding data directly into mind, zero system ver 10 (gundam wing!). mental shielding. super advanced AI. Sensory boost. Bodily control (such as boosting my immune system, immunity to drugs and poisons, pheromone control, adrenal gland control, growing claws)
Spiritually connects with host, (cause bio-identification systems are so passe').

Sub dimension capable(so i can carry loads of stuff). teleportation, and  a not-so-universal  translator.

it can also integrate new tech into its systems.(includes bio and chem tech)

(battle powers)

 form1- electricity generation, mach 8 speeds. Sonic cannon-mouth. plasma coated armblades.

Form2- Shielding capabilities, arm swords= plasma blasters. Flight.

Form3- Cloaking. shape shifting. shielding, hacking computer systems. data recording.

weakness: none.

Its not godly, but it does not have any gapping weaknesses either.
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