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--- Quote from: Witch_Hunter_Ruben ---Any tips on finding and slaughtering?
--- End quote ---

Exactly what kind of witches are you referring to?

Most of the witches I know practice like I did, a New Age  style, goddess worship, some were Wiccan.  Even if someone gets into darker practices, again, like I did, you can't know from just looking at them.

My neighbors didn't have a clue what I was doing.  I was just one of the 'other mothers', I met with teachers, went to my job, had family gatherings.

You might need to explain exactly what you mean.


:evil: I dont aree with murder, or any type of slaughter against anyone diffrent then them. I don't get why people want to kill anyone because there witches, werewolfs, vampires or anything else :( . There just people so if anyone can tell me a 'good' reason for doing it... then why?

the only true murder with witches is when they practice necromancy because as they say they slaghter the white goat

May I say that witches are not evil...it is the person who takes it to that level...like any path a person walks...and I also have to say if you confront a witch your likly to get burned...


kill them before they kill you, one of my fav. Quotes. (but thats only if there trying to kill you)


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