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A Nightmare On Elm Street

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I got this film for my 13th birthday, it was fantastic.

Freddy Krueger, with his horrid melted skin, the light brown hat(I love his hat, it's awesome), his green and red christmas type jumper and his deadly long sharp knife fingers.

Robert Englund is an exellent actor(He played Freddy Krueger in all 7 movies), i don't think they could re-make this film, if they did i dout it would be any good.

If you've seen this film what'd you think 'bout it?

Regina Terra:
Creepy as Fudge Monkeys, the one movie with the kid being tied up by the tongues? Nasty. :-D

I'm a huge Nightmare On Elm St. fan! The only one I didn't care for was the second one. My favorite, I think, is probably the third one where it takes place in a psychiatric ward.

Sounds good, sadly i've only seen the first movie.  :-D

how did the ward one end i saw the deaths where the guy was sleep walking cause freddy had a hold of his veins and mad him fall off clock tower and the one where his knives turned into syringes and he shoved them in that drugo girl


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