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Whci is your favourite movie?

In my opinion, i thought the 3rd one was the best and it's my favourite one.

Dream Warriors was the first Nightmare film I ever saw and to this day it is my favourite. The bit where Freddy makes that guy a puppet using his veins as strings. It was awsome. Next best was the first and then vs Jason for pure fanboy reasons.

I have to say 1 & 2 were my favorites. Freddy v Jason was just pure fun mainly because it focused, in my opinion, more on the villians than the protagonists. Freddy has always been my favorite movie monster. I am not happy about the remake. As far as I am concerned without Robert or Wes it simply isn't Freddy. No one will ever be able to bring that character to life the way Robert did & when he retired the character it should have stayed that way. But that's just my opinion.

  As always I only have only 1 favorite of anything.  Nightmare on Elmstreet started it all and gave Freddy his sadistic psychotic side, Evil should be feared, and while the later films had a lighter side it is hard for me to feel that original chill of respect that fear instills upon the antagonist.

I liked the Wes Cravensnew nightmare because it talked more about Freddy's past.


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