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The Original Nightmare series is my top horror movies. And Robert IS Fred but if you do see the new one take it for what it is. It is not meant to be the same. If it was they would just have rereleased the original. It a reinvention. And the make up looks like a real burn victim. Its different. So if you don't want to see someone elses take on Nightmare then don't see it.

well i already seen it, what i said about the movie are my opinions after i saw it.
 i knew it would be different because its a remake, but lets say the director and the new freddy just didn't know what they were doing. maybe if the scenes weren't so choppy and freddy actually tortured his victims then i would've liked it lol.

I agree. Like most film remakes they tried to fit too much in. The scenes were choppy and their wast much time dedicated to Fred killing his victims. It was rather sudden.


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