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The Mummy


just wondering how many have seen the original 1930's version of The Mummyy?

rave phillaphia:
me  :-D I wish I owned it.... I do have a poster from that movie though hanging from above my bed. I love the classics <3 I have a lot of Karloff movies and Lugosi and Vincent Prince movies XP yes showing off my classyness lol get it classic horror nevermind....

well guess what lol, i have a copy ofthe original mummy in my hand right now on dvd, if your ever in Australia, u can borrow it lol

I got a copy (old one too) of it on VHS

I love the old classic B/W horror flicks, considered tame by todays standards with all the guts and gore in movies now

To me these are more scary than new ones, black and white, creepy old music, plus the most important thing, Chaney,Karloff,Lugosi...they could act 


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