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Paranormal experience
« on: June 05, 2009, 06:59:23 PM »
  Well two nights ago my oldest son woke me out at about 2 A.M shaking and all out of sorts, I went up stairs with him and he explained that something woke him up.  He looked out his window, which overlooks the front street, and seen a distorted figure floating above the opposite side walk.  After a moment the figure proceeded up the street out of site, then a moment later came back and proceeded the other way.  My son by this time, his face up against the window, to see where it went, said he was already pretty freaked out.  Then BAM a shadow head arrears directly in from of him in the window.  At this point he made a bee line directly for me.  Now he is not given to flights of fancy, nor does he do things to garner attention.  He was truely freaked by this experience.  We have yet to see anything else, but one never knows.
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