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What? theyre gonna film it in english? WHY? The original language gives it sort of credention, and I dont remember that there was such a movie made by USA.  I think that it was produced by some american producer even for the first two, so I dont see the reason to make the third different.

I just cant wait to see the third part, heck, I didnt even know there was a third part anyways. And I must addmit I saw the first two illegaly, and it was in theaters here for merely couple of weeks. Im so sorry I didnt catch that... cause I would rather give money for the whole atmosphere, If you know what I mean....

Here is the link for daywatch trailer:

Because of the movie, i am reading the novel now.  It came out last July in English.   Personally i cannot wait to see the rest of the films.  Even though they added somethings in the movie that were not in the book (as always), but at least the changes helped the movie plot.

I heard that the last movie was filmed in America,  I assumed that they would keep the language Russian though, because the movie is such a good example of Russian films. 


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