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A Problem With Death

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Dark Lord M:
I have been pondering this for awhile with death. If heaven or hell doesn't exsist, and reincarnation is false. When we die is it just black... Forever? :|

It really bugs me at night...

Devious Viper:
Not really, M. Because if there is nothing, and you're dead, you wouldn't be able to know that it was black and nothing. And forever would no longer be a concept, either. So it isn't as though you'd be in a nightmarish limbo; it would be Nothing.

Dark Lord M:
Just the thought of not exsisting and exsisting in Nothing just feels so cold and terrible... It just bugs the heck out of me thinking of how I'd feel. Though I do believe in Heaven and other things, I just don't know and thats the problem. Yo won't know until you die and then its' to late... :|


--- Quote from: M Sidhe ---It just bugs the heck out of me thinking of how I'd feel.
--- End quote ---

That's the thing, you wouldn't feel.  It would just be over with nothing left.  It sounds a little scary but it can also be a bit of a relaxing thought as well.

Phantom X:
The soul has to go somewhere. It cant just disappear.


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