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Floyd County Prison
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September 4 2006
by Carolyn Grindrod

The Georgia Paranormal Investigations and the Society of Paranormal Investigation and Research in Tennessee went on a late Saturday, early Sunday hunt for "Big Red," reputed haunt of the old Floyd County Prison on Blacks Bluff Road. The old prison, built in 1926, housed inmates until the new Floyd County Prison was finished in 2003. The ghostly search there came after the group earlier gathered paranormal accounts by some officers who worked there.

"A person on the prison staff and I were walking around talking, and I had my voice recorder on," said GPI team member Karen Miller of Acworth. "But it was when we played it back, we found someone else talking in the background, whispering 'go away.' We knew we just had to check it out."

Saturday night, 12 investigators met at the old prison with two digital video recorders, two cameras running at 15 frames per second, one camera at 30 fps, four camcorders, infrared thermometers, electric magnetic field detectors, digital cameras and voice recorders, hoping to record paranormal activity. During an almost nine-hour stay, group members said, they sensed something strange going on at the old stockade.

"There is definitely something in there," said Bill Dawson, GPI investigator, of Sonoraville. "In the back office room, I guess it was the old warden's office, I was physically pushed to the ground. It felt like large feet were standing on me, holding me down. Whatever it was, it wasnít just a ghostly effort, but true monster manifestations. Itís got to be a poltergeist."

The ghost hunters said they go to such sites in groups as a safety precaution and for verification purposes. "If one of us experiences, we want others there to witness what happened," said Miller, who said she, too, felt the unknown in the office. "I had my hair on the back of my head pulled out in chunks," Miller said, showing a reddish burned spot on the back of her scalp. "It was trying to pull me to the ground by my hair. I had to grab hold of the door frame of the office so I didn't fall."

Another investigator, Glinda Butler of Lawrenceville, said she experienced unexplainable activity along with fellow investigator Ron Gregory of Atlanta. "I was also in the office, standing there following an EMF reading and stepped on this platform, when something grabbed my cheek bones so hard I could barely talk. Ron had to help me down because I could barely move."

Others reported static electricity shocks, cold chills and orbs and even a full-bodied apparition during the night. "Back in the office, we were taking pictures and when the camera flashed we all saw a large, tall manís figure standing in the corner, just staring at us," said Miller.

GIP team leader Dan Flinchum of Atlanta said he feels the spirits are real. "I'm a Christian, but I do think that weíre on multiple journeys and that some people just donít move on right away. I think that they have the power to come back if they feel needed here."

The group liked its prison findings. "Out of all the experiences I've had as a ghost hunter, this one has surely been the most active case weíve had," said Miller. "We definitely want to come back here and do more investigations."

The data from the cameras and camcorders will be collected in a report and a copy will be given to the warden of the new prison, said Flinchum.

"It's safe to say we all have a passion in this," he added. "We are constantly seeking out places and people who experience paranormal events. It's a personal interest Ö where we hope to get answers."

The group has not finished its work in Rome. Next week it will visit a private home. "This one should be interesting," said Miller. "The owner has said the house has a jail-like cell in the basement where slaves were kept during the Civil War."

source: Rome news Tribune (Georgia)