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Killing Death

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Cute, rather disapointing though.


--- Quote ---Cute, rather disapointing though.
--- End quote ---

It would have been better if it wasn't an ad for the Templar Red Cross organization. The Mexican Templar Red Cross, no less.. :|

 :lol: dunno what to say ! :lol:

It was cool, though I see how it is dissapointing. Every time I was kinda hoping death would get one.

Have you seen those anti-marijuana commercials they are playing in the US now? With the crazy music and doodles? One of them is an alien coming down in a UFO and walking up to this couple, and the guy offers the alien a joint, and the alien says "No Thanks", and the girl falls in love with the alien and they fly away in his UFO...

First thing, I think the makers of these commercials were copying off of this "Killing Death" video..

Secondly, I think the makers of these anti-marijuana commercials were stoned out of their minds..... :roll:


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