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Bachelor's Grove- Midlothian, Illinois
« on: January 03, 2007, 04:14:45 AM »
I was suprised I didn't see this anywhere, so I decided to add it as I've actually been there hunting with some friends.  I think this used to be on the list of most haunted places in the US, but it may not be anymore.

"There are more ghost stories and eerie legends told about this small, abandoned cemetery than any other place in the Chicago area. It is located on the edge of the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve, near the suburb of Midlothian, Illinois. This ramshackle burial ground is said to be infested with ghosts and more than 100 different reports of strange phenomena have been collected about the place... including actual apparitions, unexplained sights and sounds, and even glowing balls of light. There have been no burials here for years and as a place of rest for the departed, it has been largely forgotten. But ask any ghost chaser where to go to find a hauntings and chances are, this cemetery will be very high on the list!

The haunted history of the place began in 1844 when the area was set aside as a burial ground, first called "Everdon's". The cemetery saw its first burial that year and it was in steady use until 1965, when things began to drop off. It should be noted that the last actual burial here was in 1989, when the ashes of a local resident were interred on the grounds. However, before that time (and since) the place has been abandoned. In the middle 1800's, the cemetery became known as "Bachelor's Grove", although history is a bit cloudy as to how this name came about.    

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    Some have suggested that near the cemetery was a settlement of immigrants, mostly German, who had helped to build the Illinois-Michigan Canal. The settlers lived on small farms and most of the men were unmarried, so the place became known as Bachelor's Grove. Others dispute this and say the name came from a family who lived in the area named "Batchelder", although no real evidence exists to back up these claims.

    Trouble began for the cemetery in the 1960's, when the road leading back to the cemetery became a popular "lover's lane". At some point, it was also discovered by vandals, who left the cemetery itself is in terrible condition, desecrated and forgotten. This became so bad that the graveyard was officially closed in 1965. Since that time, especially in the 1970's, things have gotten even worse. It is believed that satanic and occultist groups perform ceremonies here, sometimes leaving the ghastly remains of their rituals behind. Vandals have left few of the graves still standing and many tombstones have been stolen, and sometimes returned to the grounds, giving rise to legends that the grave stones sometimes move
    by themselves. There have been over 100 paranormal incidents reported here including ghost lights, inexplicable lights and voices, apparitions, strange photos, anomalous recordings and
    even sightings of unbelievable creatures.

    There is no question that vandals have not been kind to Bachelor's Grove, but then neither has time. The cemetery could once be reached by the Midlothian Turnpike, but the track to the cemetery was passed by with construction of 143rd Street. People soon forgot about the place and it would have faded into memory if not for the stories of the ghosts!

    Access to the cemetery is gained by way of a narrow gravel trail. Along this old road, many visitors to the area have reported seeing a phantom farmhouse that seems to appear and disappear at random. The house is always described in the same way, as a white house with porch pillars, a swing and a soft light burning in the window, but it is never reported in the same place. As witnesses approach the house, it always disappears. A number of completely independent witnesses have reported the house, not realizing that it was unnatural (until it vanished) and all of them have pointed to different locations when they spotted it.
    The house has been reported during both daylight hours and at night but historical files show no record of a house ever existing here!

    Just past the fence surrounding the cemetery is a small lagoon that borders the nearby turnpike. The legends say this pond was once a favorite dumping ground for Chicago gangsters during the years of Prohibition. A number of bodies were said to have been found floating here in the past, so it isn't surprising that the pond is reported to be haunted. Strangely, one ghost linked to the lagoon, is said to be a two-headed creature that has been reported on several occasions.
    The most famous ghost of the lagoon is an old farmer who was pulled into the water by his plow horse in the 1870's. The horse was drowned by the weight of the plow, taking the farmer with it. Two forest rangers spotted the farmer guiding the horse and plow more than 100 years later.

    The cemetery itself has it's own ghosts, from the image of people dressed in monk's robes to the spirit of a glowing yellow man seen in 1984. Many of these ghosts have been captured on film, like the image of a woman seated on a tombstone that was taken with infrared film a few years ago. Could she be the most famous ghost of Bachelor's Grove? This spirit is known as  the "White Lady" or the "Madonna of Bachelor's Grove". She is said to be the ghost of a woman buried in the cemetery next to her young son. She has been seen on nights of the full moon, wandering the cemetery with a baby in her arms.

    The ghost lights of the cemetery, and the trail leading through the woods, are also well known to researchers. The strange lights on the trail are said to be red in color and move so fast that they leave a streak behind them in the air. The blue balls of light in the cemetery itself seem to have an intelligence, dancing just out of reach of those who pursue them.

    Even the turnpike near Bachelor's Grove is said to be haunted. For a number of years, witnesses have reported phantom cars that disappear along this road. One couple even had an auto accident with a car that vanished before their eyes, leaving their own vehicle untouched . . .despite the sounds of bending metal and breaking glass."

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Re: Bachelor's Grove- Midlothian, Illinois
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2007, 11:19:39 AM »
I went there to get my permit, maybe I will go check it out with a few friends and *gasp* my new camera!
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Re: Bachelor's Grove- Midlothian, Illinois
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Thers also some sort of moving headstone that weighs a couple hundred pounds that moves from place to place every so often. But no one has ever seen it move and it leaves no trail. It would be too heavy to pick up even with help and one cannot bring in heavy machinery to move it. I saw it twice, the first time it was in the left corner of the cemetery, the second time it was in the dead center.
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