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Art Bell returns
« on: February 05, 2007, 03:54:35 PM »

Art Bell, the syndicated Radio host who found great success with an overnight show that featured stories and reports of aliens, ghosts, chupacabras, UFOs, and anything else out of the ordinary and of the supernatural, continues to generate interest.

Right at the end of last year on December 29, 2006 – while hosting “Coast to Coast AM” for George Noory – Bell announced to listeners that he had returned to the United States two days earlier:

“Guess what folks? I’m home”, said Bell. “I finished the program on…the 25th…then on the 26th Airyn and I flew to the United States…Airyn is now an official…legal immigrant to the United States. So, guess what? We flew back.”

Bell, 61, is once again back in Pahrump, Nevada – his former home where he first came to prominence with the program he founded, “Coast to Coast AM.” Prior to his return to the U.S., Bell had been hosting the weekend edition of “Coast to Coast AM” from Manila, Phillipines.

The Weird Years

Bell suddenly resigned from his syndicated Radio show on April 26, 2000 to attend to personal family problems.

His son had been kidnapped and raped.

He returned just as unexpectedly to the airwaves February 5, 2001 but then announced his retirement again, less than a year later.

In January, 2003, George Noory took over full-time hosting responsibilities. Then, in September, 2003 it was announced Bell would come out of retirement to host weekends.

Bell’s wife, Ramona, died suddenly in early January, 2006. She was 47. Not long after, Bell moved to the Philippines and remarried in late April, 2006. His new wife is Airyn Ruiz Bell, a Filipino.

Bell’s Love Life Criticized

Bell’s announcement of his remarriage generated a lot of comments on blogs.

“Betsy from Cincinnati” wrote:

“Art Bell sounds like the flakiest person I’ve ever listened to both on air and in his private life. How can you be madly in love with someone one minute and then the person dies and in little over 3 months you’ve met and “fallen deeply in love” again and have remarried!! What a flake!!”

From “Komatin”:

“Art Bell should be more discreet. I was really upset that he married a farm college girl half his size and actually began the romance 30 days after the love of his life died suddenly. Did someone put a chip in his head?”

Suffice to say, Art Bell continues to capture the attention of many fans, followers, and interested parties.

Pictures of Bell and his new wife, Airyn Ruiz Bell, can be seen at the “Coast to Coast AM” website  at
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Re: Art Bell returns
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2007, 07:11:40 PM »
Art Bell is a disgusting shill who has been accused of molesting his own son, and there is much suspicion around the death of his last wife.. He was then remarried not 3 months later to a woman he supposedly met on the Internet, who is less than half the age of Bell, and he moved out of the country to marry his mail order bride...

He believes every UFO/BIGFOOT/LOCH NESS monster story that he hears, yet he can't possibly fathom that there is any kind of "conspiracy" behind the events of 911.. He's even went so far as to call listeners to his show "Kooks" if they believed in 911 conspiracies, and that he no longer wanted them to listen to his show because he didn't need them..

Art Bell is a pompous liar, and he has made me almost despise the Coast to Coast AM program. His voice literally makes me feel ill...

I've been listening to the show since 1997, and that's my 2 cents...
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