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In my various studies of the ghostly kind, I have come to the following conclusions. Note this paper will be rather personal, coming from me and my point of view, I believed this style of writing necessary:

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) meters, are common ghost hunting tools. Skeptics argue that there is no evidence linking ghosts to EMFs. (This information being drawn from Wikipedia) I have unintentionally created, or found rather, that link.

When I first began to actually study entities labeled ghosts, some time ago, I thought it necessary to begin with living beings. Perhaps then I could grasp a better understanding of the being after its life had “ended”. I brushed up on my Biology a bit, and at first simply began reading about ghost encounters and the like. I was especially interested in the theory of ectoplasm explaining ghostly phenomenon, and that became the base of my further study. For those of you who may not be aware, ectoplasm is the idea that those with psychic abilities discrete, or exteriorize a type of spiritual substance that enables psychokinesis and is associated with the formation of ghosts. In my research, one thing I noticed was that many acclaimed psychics told of unnatural changes in the body during the execution of an ability (some even warned of the damage of overuse of abilities). They included headaches, chest pain, weakness of the body, numbness or loss of sensation in certain areas, and dizziness. Then, as I began to study famous individuals who claimed to have psychic abilities, and was brought to Russia’s controversial program of research in this area, my attention was drawn to Nina Kulagina. As I read several sources about her displays of talent, I was again drawn toward the repercussions of psychic exertion. As I researched Nina’s symptoms of overuse of her abilities, I concluded that most if not all symptoms could have been to what was thrown in as a symptom: high blood sugar. However, this did not explain the recorded measurements of increased heart rate, brainwave activity, and soon to be found most importantly, electromagnetic field.

Naturally, I began then intensely studying the concept of Electromagnetic energy and EMFs, and my research can basically be summed up into a small Wikipedia excerpt that would have proved very useful had I found it earlier:
“The electromagnetic force is the one responsible for practically all the phenomena encountered in daily life, with the exception of gravity. All the forces involved in interactions between atoms can be traced to the electromagnetic force acting on the electrically charged protons and electrons inside the atoms. This includes the forces we experience in "pushing" or "pulling" ordinary material objects, which come from the intermolecular forces between the individual molecules in our bodies and those in the objects. It also includes all forms of chemical phenomena, which arise from interactions between electron orbitals.”
It all starts to click into place here. Ghosts can move objects, yet they cannot be seen. This must obviously be linked to electromagnetic activity (and may perhaps explain the chemical “phenomena” of Nina’s increased blood sugar), and since records of increase in such activity as portrayed by Nina Kulagina are linked to psychic abilities, I was then confirmed in belief that ectoplasm has a better chance of explaining ghosts than anything else. I then began to disassemble the topics in question, and without further ado, my conclusion on ectoplasm:

Electric activity in the brain (and subsequently magnetic activity) can be linked to heightened emotion. According to various beliefs, emotions are connected to the human soul. This being said, I believe it is safe to assume that heightened soul energy has some affect on electromagnetic energy. In normal (no pun intended) circumstances, low levels of Psychic activity generally produce affects on the body similar to heightened emotion, so theoretically psychic activity is also related to soul energy (something most believers will take for granted). If this is so, then that means psychics, when utilizing their “powers”, have an increased level of soul energy, and subsequently electromagnetic field. Therefore, ectoplasm is some crude combination of the two, interacting as one substance; the electromagnetic parts measurable, the soul aspect partially measurable (based on study of the psychic in question), and the combination entirely immeasurable; meaning that when combined, the two are not separated, we can simply measure the parts that don’t combine.

Now that ectoplasm is theoretically proven and no longer taken for granted, I finally moved on to the actual ghosts, the topic of my study. As I brushed up a bit more, how ironic I found it that ghosts are mostly seen as those who died under great circumstances of stress, fear, anger, or other strong emotion. Heightened emotion at the time of death meant heightened soul energy. Now, all we need is a bit of electromagnetic energy, and voila, we have ectoplasm. However, here a met a small roadblock. Most ghosts have not died at places with high electromagnetic fields/force, and even so, it does not explain any intelligent activity and instead random energy. In order to solve this, I had nowhere else to turn but to the scriptures, and as time and time again, they proved useful and helpful. According to the bible (or at least what I can draw from it), death is merely the expiration of the body and the sleep of the soul, needless to say until judgment day. This would mean that when a person dies, his body may expire, but his soul remains intangible and incompatible with the world around it, practically in another world entirely, practically asleep. However, if the soul were to somehow maneuver through this alternate dimension and get near enough to electromagnetic energy (or have the energy brought to it), it could use some of its soul energy, the one released at death, to create ectoplasm; the substance it would use to manifest as a sort of cloak, and be able to react as it normally would underneath.

This is your ghost.

This then, may explain the appearance of spikes in electromagnetic energy in relation to ghosts. However, the exact relation is something I am still studying, as well as the minute details of such processes as combination of energies and various other things. It may also accont for EVP. Perhaps the "voice" is a type of radio wave, which is a type of electromagnetic radiation, something the ghost may have learned to control with the help of ectoplasm. As for non-sentient ghosts, those called repetitive, could be explained by a limitation of soul energy, essentially only a piece of the entire soul that is cloaked in ectoplasm; this variation will be part of further study, in which I expect to complete a chart of varying levels of ghostly activity. I also aim to actually study the direct relation between certain emotions and electromagnetic activity, the occurrences of ghosts without modern technological devices that produce electric fields so easily, the reasoning behind those who can see the dead while others can’t, and hot/cold spots relating to ghost activity.

As a final note, this further aids my theory of metallic objects warding off ghosts; the metal can perhaps attract enough electrical energy, subsequently magnetic energy, or it slightly magnetized, both, to drain the ectoplasm of the needed amount of electromagnetic energy needed to interact with the world.

Now that I’m done, I would appreciate feedback; your opinion, mistakes, ideas etc. etc. Whatever. This is my first time posting this information, and the first time typing it onto a computer.
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Re: Study
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Interesting analysis but you may also consider that ectoplasms are an external manifestation of the medium's energy and then have nothing to do with ghosts or deceased persons ...
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Re: Study
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"Ectoplasm (from the Greek ektos, "outside", + plasma, "something formed or molded") is a term coined by Charles Richet to denote a substance or spiritual energy "exteriorized" by physical mediums.[1] Ectoplasm is said to be associated with the formation of ghosts, and hypothesized to be an enabling factor in psychokinesis."

A quote directly from wikipedia; the links below also contain such information and some contain photographs "supporting" such ideas.

These are but a few sources I read and remember when reading about ectoplasm and its tie to ghostly entities. Though, thanks for the compliment. ^-^