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I was just wondering if anyone could inform me on how much work goes into making a movie.  so i know if i want to make one or not.


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Well I really dont Know but what I'm doing is gathering all my friends and were all going to make a ZOMBIE movie! Well first u need to make a script of the movie,Give ppl ther parts, Decide on ware to shoot the scence, have some props, and go around practicing with the actors on what to do. Well thats what i'm doing so my actors can get it down and than when they know what to do and their parts and stuff I start shooting with my video camera!

A movie can cost virtually nothing as long as you have one or two god digital camera, actors and experience with software like avid.

Search for the Blair Witch Project on the Net, a good example of an inspired movie made on a shoestring ....

I think the most important thing is the talent involved and the concept.  Blair Witch was a great example of a film which didn't cost a whole lot but was well made and had an excellent concept.  And of course, make sure when you're doing the film you are enjoying yourself and having fun.


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