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Hey Guys.

I do not want to make myself unpopular on the site, and, well, maybe I missed something?
But the "Blair Witch Project?" C'mon were not really serious are we, a few sticks hanging in the trees, wildly shaking camerawork, and a bunch of people just running around screaming "fark" "s**t" etc.
I'm sorry but I really could not get into it at all. But, as I mentioned, maybe I missed something.

Good luck with all your filmaking, you can do a lot better that "BWP", in my opinion.

 I agree with you there, Vivid. The only thing worse was "House of 1000 Corpses." Gag... talk about trash!

Anybody know if I can download movie maker? I wanna make short films, MVs with it, but we don't got it on our computer. :cry:

I've actually been in a couple of independent horror/thriller/shocker films that a friend of mine produced and entered in the sundance film festival. Also worked in the new transformers movie, yes thats no lie I got the pics to prove it. In fact in one of the opening scenes when the helicopter lands I'm actually in the back of it. Its alot more work than one might expect making a movie. Maybe someday my friend will get some big wig's attention and you'll see me in his first bigscreen production  *<:)  He does web designs right now OmegaWulf designs, llc. Think he has a website, not sure.


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