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What the LIVING HELL is going on here?


Ok. So I'm a beginner witch and a long-time therianthrope. That's sadly the two more normal things about me.

My only two friends each live in separate states.

I'll freely admit that in the past, all three of us have been major weeaboo otakus. That's where the roleplay started, and that's where I'll begin.

We've each had our own separate sets of characters we used in stories and such, blah blah blah, normal teenager stuff.

However, we've each always noticed something. Certain characters show up with their own back-stories, unchanging(for the most part) looks, and incredibly in-depth and distinct personalities.

I was the first to notice this, and I noticed before I'd ever met the other two.

My first character, though I won't go into much detail, was/is named Rodin. That's not his full name, and I won't give his full story unless required.

I first noticed Rodin when I was outside one night. I was ten years old, and my parents were screaming at each other in our  house. I was sitting on a lawn chair, crying my eyes out, when I swore someone had hugged me. I didn't know what to make of it, so I assumed I'd just created an imaginary friend to help me cope. I had a million imaginary friends when I was smaller, though at one point I got mad at them and decided I liked playing with dolls instead, but that's really beside the point.  I asked him about himself, found out more and more over time, imagined what he looked like...still pretty normal kid stuff. 

He was the star of my stories, and later the first character I used in online roleplaying. Something I noticed about him was that I never really 'played' him. It was as if my fingers knew exactly what he was going to do before I had even thought of it. With him as my first character, I assumed it was normal.

I went on to develop more characters over time, most of them the normal kind that I could actually control, but as time progressed I found myself with other characters like Rodin, who knew exactly who they were and what they were doing and didn't give a crap about what I thought.

Around this time, I met my first best friend Julia while she was vacationing at a local beach near my house. We met on a fluke, but hit it off within two sentences of talking to each other.

Julia had her own characters. They didn't seem as strong-willed as mine, but she did have certain people who appeared to have minds of their own. Again, I never really noticed it. I was too absorbed in the fact that I'd finally met someone my age who knew what anime was and still believed in magic.

Eventually, the two of us met our third friend, we'll call her Nellie, over the internet. She's a grade below us, but sharp as a stick and more mature for a girl her age than I'd give her credit for.

Nellie also had her own characters, and at least one or two 'special' ones.

Time went on.

I met my first boyfriend, whose name I won't mention due to a recent fight. He also had his own characters...and more.

He claimed some of the people were demons that he'd summoned, or spirits or otherwise. I was quick to believe him, me being an idiot at the time, but I never really considered(though I suspected) that my people were more than just story characters. If anything, I thought I had multiple personalities. An oddity, but still in the realm of relative normality, right?

Well, my boyfriend left me for one of my online buddies that I'd introduced him to after nine months of dating. I was fairly depressed, and as a matter of fact I had meltdowns on a regular basis.

During one of these meltdowns, I'll say straight up, I was possessed. Rodin was the culprit.

Now, it certainly wasn't one of those horror-movie possessions(though Rodin has identified himself as some sort of demon). I was simply me and then I wasn't. My consciousness sort of went to sleep, and his came out instead.

What is the first thing the joker does?

He calls Julia.

Thankfully, Julia doesn't have a freak-out bone in her body(unless it's over something ridiculous, like a new season of Adventure Time or a really well-done fanart of Draco Malfoy) and just went along with it. I'm still not sure if she believed it was him right off the bat, but she did within time because Rodin made a habit of possessing me.

It kills me because he didn't act like a scary demon or a horror-movie monster, he acted(and still acts) like a normal freakin' teenager.

Over a period of a few months, a good deal of my other 'characters' 'broke into the control room' and learned to possess me as well. They know perfectly well that it's not their bodies(in fact, one of our taller guys experienced some vertigo and complained about how short I was) and it doesn't seem to bother them that least not to the point of stopping altogether.

At this point I was fully convinced that I had multiple personalities. I didn't want treatment, to be honest, because I'm quite fond of these characters.

It soon after turns out that my ex(who I was still friends with at the time) shares the ability to let his characters 'take control' in almost the exact same way mine did--with all of the personalities acting like normal people would('people' as in 'mostly sane sentient beings', not 'human beings'. I don't think I have a single actual human.)

"Ok," I think, "we either both have multiple personalities or he's faking it." That was the end of my thought on it.

Then, Nellie gained the ability to do the same.

I start thinking that MPD is contagious. I know her well enough to know she wouldn't fake that sort of thing.

Next is where the sh*t hits the fan. This is brought upon by Nellie, of course.

Nellie and her friend that we'll call J(who, while she doesn't exactly have characters, to my understanding, has felt a presence of something distinctly inhuman since she was born) learn how to work a pendulum.

Nellie also turns out to be a natural-born automatic writer.

In short, she contacts one of my 'characters' via pendulum and automatic writing. This character's a demon by the name of Maddox. She also gets in contact with several of her characters and the thing(something called a Darkly?) that was stalking J.

Naturally, Julez and I have to try it. We each craft our own pendulums(though Julia later goes and buys a real one, the jerk) and immediately get in contact with people we've all thought weren't real for the better part of knowing each other.

Yes, at this point, I think we're all thinking it's likely just random spirits messing with us, but last night there was a breakthrough.

Slightly off-the-subject, but it appears as though Rodin, while visiting Nellie, has managed a full visual manifestation in front of Nellie's younger sister. Her sister described him perfectly, and had never seen him or an image of him or even heard a description of him in her life.

One of Nellie's 'characters' is an incubus by the name of Neo("Napolean") Barker. By now, we've all made a habit of talking to these characters on the phone(though Julia put her foot down at letting people possess her. She doesn't trust any of her characters not to do anything incredibly stupid. She loves talking to mine, though.) and he and I are talking. I won't go into it, but as it stands I'm Neo's main 'food source', meaning he spends his nights at my house giving me weird-ass erotic dreams. This, as I've thought, may just be a placebo. I think I'll have the dreams, so I do.

Neo proved me wrong last night by giving me an exact and on-spot description of my bedroom. Nevermind the fact that I've recently entirely re-decorated my bedroom, but Nellie's never gone to my house, nor I hers. My room has never, ever, not once been described to her, especially not in such detail.

He even was able to tell me that a home-made doll I keep always falls off of my dresser, and told me exactly where it falls. Also, he was the one knocking it over.

I was pretty freaked out after that, though I still havn't brought myself to be able to be afraid of him or any of the others.

Maddox and Nellie also have a bit of a 'thing' going on with eachother(as do Julia and Rodin), so I decided it was their turn to talk. Maddox, having been spying on mine and Neo's conversation, wants to give describing Nellie's room a shot.

Again, he gives a spot-on-accurate description, without me ever having seen her room or even had it described to me in my life.

Before last night, I'd had a dream involving Neo and our other characters 'coming to life' with their own bodies(they frequently complain about not having their own.) For the first time, I saw Neo's face in detail. It was quite different from what Nellie had described(though she was right about certain things), but I still knew it was him.

I guessed hey, it could have just been a dream, it usually is(though I'm known for the occasional "psychic' dream, a trait I've supposedly inherited from my mother), but then I got bored. Like any other teenager, when I get bored, the first place I go is Facebook.

Out of my boredom(and curiosity, at this point) I search the name 'Neo Barker', just to see what comes up.

A man with the same exact face I saw in my dream(not to mention the multiple piercings and tattoos Neo's been described as having) pops up. What's more, he has the same name, down to the spelling.

And so a theory develops.

Are all these characters--or some of them, at least--real people, somewhere? If so, how are they interacting with us? Are they involuntary astral projections? Are the people already dead? If so, why are these ghosts here, with us? If they're astral projections, how and why did they find us? Are we projecting bits of ourselves to them or others, too?

I swear on all that I believe in that the above testimony is true. I've studied the occult for as long as I've a damn resource available, and I've never heard of anything like this.

Please, someone help us. If these people are real...we want to find them.

Wow. I'll be honest with you, I kinda lost track of what was going on with whom and when about half way through... It was like reading a script from an episode of American Horror Story that had been accidentally mixed with a script from that old show, Soap. Not that I don't believe you per se, just that it was kinda... word salad.

BUT having waded through it

--- Quote ---And so a theory develops.

Are all these characters--or some of them, at least--real people, somewhere?

--- End quote ---

I feel fairly certain that the answer is "No" - they are merely the product of your wonderfully gifted imagination.

That's not a put-down!

Write. Write stories. Write diaries. Write these crazy but intriguing and enthralling ideas down. There's a book in there somewhere - maybe even a career in writing for TV or movies.

Just try to be a little more concise.

Unless you wanna be a poet, then hit us with both barrels. Poetry has its own dumb rules.

Are you sure you didn't create something similar to the Tulpa?  I'm just wondering because it matters on how much time you actually spent on said character to create him.  Tulpas are almost like a run off or 'imaginary friend' that comes off from your personality.

Though, It usually takes years to create one.  This could be a possible suggestion to your dilemma.  I'm just pointing towards a direction that makes a little bit more sense.

Could be Tulpa, but whatever the case, Id agree with Jake and tell you to write all that down. Hey, who knows maybe you are the next Rowling ;)


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