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I am new to the forum and I would like to discuss orbs.

I have taken several pictures of a bright orb. These were taken unintentionaly in other words I wasn't looking for them.
Are these spirits?

Hi there, welcome to this board.

Umm, from what little I know about Orbs, they might be. But also, a lot of these "orbs" turn out to be little more than light reflections, dust motes or flying insects caught in a camera's flash.

I was thinking that too when I first saw it. In noway is it an insect or dust partical. Than I thought it might be a reflection, but that was a negative.  I have been taken pictures with this camara for a long time and never anything like this showed up.  It's just wierd. Don't like things that are not explained. :-)

Where would I go to get some more info on orbs? Paranormal websites?


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