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The Slender Man


I wasn't sure where to put this so I chose here due to this creatures similarities with shadow men. I have found myself recently obsessed with the creature known as The Slender Man. For those who don't know, a few years back a website that I will not name ran a competition of sorts to create a monster or ghost to fob off to real paranormal investigators and see how much the paranormal community would embrace and evolve the creature. Finding sightings and "evidence" of a creature that doesn't exist. One entry was the Slender Man. A freakishly tall, thin humanoid, devoid of facial features who wears only a suit. He is linked with disappearances, mainly of children and seems to stalk his chosen victim for a considerable time, driving them mad as he just stares at them with no face. Every time he comes he is a little closer until the final time you see him he is close enough to take you. The story jumped on the Internet in no time and spread like wild fire. It has now entered Internet meme territory. The paranormal researchers didn't give it too much notice as it has all the markings of Germanic fairy tale folklore. Nothing too new other than a slight Lovecratian twist on the Bogeyman. Instead of getting paranormal researchers coming forth with tales or false testimonies it was the Internet itself that sprang to life as people discovered tales from ancient folklore that was strikingly similar to the Slender Man, some tales over 400 years old. Then the witness testimonies started to come out. People all over the world reported sightings or tales that they heard that were similar or some even producing photo evidence. Almost all photos are discounted as photoshop or fan art. What is your thought on this fake legend come to life?

Man to day is not that much different biologically from man 600 years ago. Thus the things that would scare them would scare us.
Stories like the slenderman might mere-Ok I'm gettin the chills writing this so I'll go buy some candles from candlejac

I think the Slender Man brings out a primitive fear in all of us. It's a mix of all our fear in one. A fear of the grotesque, the dark, being taken from home and lastly death. He is the perfect symbol of true horror. Evil incarnat, a perversion of all things human and logical. But worse, if he takes you, where do you go? Do you die? Do you just stop existing? Or something worse?


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