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Would like some good books to read

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Terry Pratchett is an intensely entertaining read too, if you can find him.

lol ok :) That's more authors to add to my list. :) Hopefully I'll be able to go to the library soon, and get at least one book of each author. Then I'll probably read through them really fast :) I read really fast....

If you do like mystery/ thriller try reading   Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child books  The Pendergast series in general, It's really good :) It's not in any real order, and I started off with Book of the Dead, but My favorite by far is the Cabinet of Curiosities.

I have read a lot of different authors, and those one's always seem to stick with me. Their books are slow to start but then bam! you're in the action and then it's done.. But they are still really good :).

Dan Simmons- Hyperion Cantos  :wink:

That one sounds cool Nina (I almost wrote ninja :p) I'm reading American Gods right now, it's pretty interesting. Although I really need to get a library card lol.


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