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Phoenix Lights 1997



This is an old case, but I think its the best evidence EVER. There were thousands of people that witnessed this case, including scientists and politicians. There are many written reports and interviews, video footage, but till this day, USA government is in complete denial (of course) of any UFO sighting  :?

There are many sites across web that are dedicated to this case, one of which is Phoenix Lights Network, National Geographic did research on it as well ( and there is also a very graphic movie that was made after an abductee report (the guy was in a coma for a long time, and when he came back they did a series of hypnotic regression and a lot of therapy). You can watch Night Skies 2007. at

Can evidence be any more hard than this?


I watched this documentary recently (love that australian SBS) and the story at the end I have to say has made me far less skeptical as to the existence of aliens.

You should check it out if you haven't already done so, I won't elaborate on it much further as the site does a pretty good job of that already.

Tnx for the link Ry, havent watched that one yet, Im on it as I write this  :wink:

And yeah, I agree with the lady, it can definitly affect marriage. My ex husband witnessed one of the visits I had, but he was more prone to think I made him see that, than accept it for what it was  :roll:


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