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Wasn't happy with season one, so that's probably as far as I'll go. But I actually love the comics, mainly because it focuses on the psychological effect of the whole zombie apocalypse rather than just killing whatever gets in their way. Also, the issues are issues and 'graphic novels' is a term used for a compilation of issues put into one book. There's actually a reason for it, and it's not to make it seem better about adults buying it.

I had no interest in watching it originally, so up until the marathon the other night I hadn't seen a single show.
It wasn't bad, and I'll probably watch this season. I did see the Premiere afterall, so may as well.
That and, what else am I going to watch on Sundays?

Reruns of True Blood, Supernatural, V, Moonlight... there is a list ;)


and I don't get HBO so, no True Blood for me.
Supernatural comes on during the times the Kids watch their Shows... and I haven't even seen Moonlight advertised.

If anyone wants to know where to watch these if you dont have HBO, message me ;)

Im bad, I know xD

Moonlight is actually an old one, I advertised it here: ;)


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