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If Modern Humans Are So Smart, Why Are Our Brains Shrinking?

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Evolution doesn't work backwards, there are some cases but that's not the norm, so we can only advance ahead. Adaptation is part of evolution, but not evolution. We adapt by improvising for what we lack in a environment, cold weather we put on a coat and etc. Animals physically adapt mostly, we do not mostly.
It is now known that brain size is not related to intelligence, it's a sign that is misleading at times.   We put nitrious into our tanks to beat the evolution race and now we're going back normal speeds. We've made more advances in the last thousand years than any other, that show say something about the brain streamlining itself.

Criminal minds???? I was talking about hunters, who have gaming licenses and use every part of the animal.

How many times do you solve a problem in a day? Navigating your city, house, or math, or figuring out why something isn't working, these are just a few quick examples of using those skills you say that we are losing.

To animals, hunters are criminals  :wink:

And i actually dont solve as nearly enough problems a day to keep me sharp. But I guess you work as a propulsion scientist  <^>

Haha, no I work at a gas station and just finished a career college. You seem sharp enough to me, so obviously you solve enough. :D

Animals hunt other animals, there is no crime in that. None the less, I tip my hat to you because to each their own.

Thank you  :-) although i dont think im that sharp, or else id rearrange my life differently. I always thought that ability to adapt is the sign of  intelligence, so what i wanted to say basically is that to humans its easier to adapt to easier way of life. So if anything like a global catastrophe would hit Earth, most of population would extinct only due to lack of that ability. Thats what I wanted to say. But Im easy to distract with other stream of thought. Im a woman, must be it  :laugh:

Might be or could be ADD lol ;)

True in the sense you think of it.
But we will never truly know until that time comes.


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