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Mom coaxes son into killing father

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Yea I know it isn't as bad as everything out there, but I haven't seen anything like it... Which is weird when you think about it, cause I was stationed in Cali, there were turf wars and random shootings... and a whole lot more, just woke up so I'm not really thinking all that clearly. But I have never seen anything like this... Then I thought it was just a florida thing, cause we're all kinda weird... but the Rav said he saw something like it before, now I'm not so sure...

Ah my lovely Florida, death's waiting room. It is dificult to imagine a mother doing such a thing but the logic you & I might use is not the same as the mother who clearly has a mental disorder.  Although I don't believe it would render her incompitant to stand trial or even qualify for Not Guilty by Reason of Mental Disease or Defect. I just hope she actually does real time.

  A mother guns down her son in a shooting at a gun range.

  A Mother kills her children by locking them in the car and rolling it into a river.

  A Father kills infant daughter over game console .

  Boyfriend kills Girlfriends child with game controler.

  The world is a sick place ladies and gents.  The above are just a few things that have happened in recent years.  Who is truely Monstrous?  The Creepy Crawlies of the night or Mankind?


Wow, now I remembered why I stopped paying attention to the news.... It makes me sad...

Now you see why I say we should kill the murderous bastards? A guy I went to school with bounced his infant son off of a wall because he wouldnt stop crying!! What I wouldnt give for ten minutes alone with that worthless f**k. I would inflict such a degree of pain that gods and demons would take notice.


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