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Any one here listen to anything other than metal and depressing dark rock?

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I like music talk.
But it seems every one on here (no offense) is stuck on this thing of metal and depressing music and 90's.
Any one listen to something else than that? I know you guys aren't teen metal heads who act all badass (thank god for that) but still.
Anyone listen to
1950's and early 60s rock and roll and doo wop
1920's 30's 40's big band and swing and dixieland jazz
Medieval music
Electronica (trance mostly)
Punk rock (the real kind like the clash and stuff not fake emo crap)
I mostly listen to the 30s and 40s jazz myself. I am stuck back then but hey be jealous, our styles were better and our cars were actually made of metal and were fast (1957 bel air was bad ass) and hot rods :p and the mafia

Well when it comes to music I listen to just about everything except hip hop. I like 70's rock and alot of 80's rock. I do like metal though, i dont find it depresing but envegerating...certain songs anyway.

I've found that most people who are into the stuff on this forum are into metal haha,
than there are a few exceptions like myself

I think redfan made ANOTHER wrong assumption  :roll:

I like happy music.  Believe it or not I actually can listen to Avril Lavigne, Ke$ha, Rihanna, and a lot of other poppy music and enjoy it.  I like techno :P Shakira's my favorite.

I like a lot of things, and I am sure like most people here I am not confined to a certain category of dark depressing or metal music.  Though I like it just fine at times. Actually, there isn't a lot of metal I like I don't think.  I like Angelspit.  What's that considered? :P

Note: I LOVE Classical music as well.

To say everyone here only likes metal and depressing stuff is a very poor generalization.  As many varieties of monster there are in the world, not all of them prefer the same music genre.  JUST saying :) 


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