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I once made a movie when i was a teenager... It consisted of loads of my friends, kipper dogs and a broken knee.
We all decided that our movie would be a horror. It started out that someone bought a kipper dog, it then went crazy and bit someones doo dah off!!! (owch) This man threw the kipper dog down a well but ended up down there himself... when he got down there he made love to a beautiful woman who bit 3 fingers off. they ended up fighting with eachother and he pushed her in a river and she smacked  his knee off a rock. This man has no pattella in his right knee now! The ending was they all died from a disease from the girl in the well. We tried to sell it to a film maker... they said it wasnt good enough! pish posh it was ace if you could see it now!!! my friend burnt the film after we got turned down
The film was based around true events. :roll:


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