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One Flaw Away

"The fascinating thing about evolution is how it finds infinite ways for creatures to be badass. Some can rip every other species in their area to shreds, some are masters of camouflage, some just breed so fast you can't eat them all. But equally amazing is how creatures find a way to survive and thrive even with laughable and obvious design defects."

#7. Mayflies Have No Mouths

#6. Octopuses Die After Sex

#5. The Portuguese Man-of-War Can't Swim

#4. Tarsiers Can't Walk

#3. The Shoebill Sucks at Flying

#2. Slavemaker Ants Suck at Everything

#1. Scorpions Glow in the Dark

They're Trying!

"Everyone knows nature is a symposium of terrifying freaks. Mostly we just take it in stride, because most of the really horrifying ones are rare and usually in Australia.
Sometimes, however, nature gets its s**t organized, and what was once a comfortingly rare freakshow then becomes an army at your doorstep. Here are but a few of the natural forces waging war on humanity en masse."

#5. Argentine Ants Are Everywhere--and We Mean Everywhere

#4. The Jellyfish are Occupying Japan

#3. The Mountain Pine Beetles are Eating All the Trees

#2. Dolphins are Massing Their Troops for... Something

#1. Kudzu Vines will Strangle All of Us in Our Sleep

Silly Humans

"The upward growth of mankind has been marked by the extinction of countless other species that got in our way, from the mammoths were were too tasty for their own good, to all the animals dumb enough to live where supertankers ply. It's natural selection!
But then, there are those species that, to any rational person, are being wiped out for no good reason at all. These are just some of the creatures who we're rapidly slaughtering for the pure hell of it."

#6. Guajon: The Frog Too Horrifying To Live

#5. The Manus Island Tree Snail Makes Great Earrings

#4. Elfin Tree Fern: Imprisoned In Your Living Room

#3. The Asian Rhinoceros Makes a Great Placebo

#2. Tigers Are the Swiss Army Knives of Chinese Wildlife

#1. Mountain Gorillas Make Awesome Souvenirs

Thought We Got Rid of You

"Not every endangered species is a breed of particularly fluffy kitten that's been driven to death by a nasty capitalist SUV factory. Some are endangered in the same way that smallpox is endangered: because they should be, dammit.
Here are six endangered species that, in our opinion, aren't endangered enough."

#6. Goliath Bird Eating Spider

#5. Ravoux's Slavemaker Ant

#4. Ganges Shark

#3. Corpse Flower

#2. Red-Headed Vulture

#1. Panda


#6. Goliath Bird Eating Spider


Might sound bad but I agree with the spider.

Wrong wrong wrong.


--- Quote from: Countess on October 11, 2011, 04:53:36 PM ---Wrong wrong wrong.

--- End quote ---

 :? I'm confused... what's wrong? Like, info or... is this your opinion? Or did I miss something else entirely?

There is incorrect info but more because I don't have much of a sense of humor when it comes to extinction.


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