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physics/medicine question about extreme water pressure and undead bodies



I've been compiling some game rules for vampires in my paper and dice rpg using Vampire (Dark Ages and VTM, oWoD), and something popped up that has me puzzled. I have Blood Dimmed Tides here, and they have something called PIVD or depth sweat. I already know that the bends are pretty much impossible for a vampire, and hypothermia is nonsense for them as they couldn't freeze solid whilst underwater, so I've thrown those rules out.

Since vampires (or zombies if you get right down to it)  in the game system have no problem with running water, they don't breathe and they don't have an active circulation system, what would happen if they went into very deep water (hundreds or even thousands of meters down)? I figure it's basically the same thing that would happen to a dead human body if brought that deep. Does water displace a dead body's blood if its that deep?

This question is the reason why I joined this forum, so please forgive me if I posted it in the wrong place. I don't know a darned thing about this website.

yes it would displace it, much in the same way that gas pressures inside a decomposing corpse cause it to disgorge and even release fluids.....and in extreme cases explode.   I would wager it more likely to have and extreme effect on the undead  than on the living body as the undead, by their nature, are reanimated corpses and their cellular structure is already compromised. The most likely result would be similar to placing a plum in a car compactor :)


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