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Camera Dead After Taking Picture of Tomb Stone


Ok, so, Me and my friend found this Graveyard in the middle of nowhere. I had my camera on me. Which had new batteries and worked fine. Well I took a picture of this gravestone that seemed inappropriate. It was the backdoorsmen motor cycle gang member (or so I was told) with a picture of a butt on it. We laughed and took a picture of it and when I went to show her the picture on my digital camera it just died and the batteries were drained. Then the next day I tried to use my camera it didn't work at all. I tried to put new good batteries in it but it wont even turn on now. And before I took a picture of the grave my camera was fine! I've heard that spirits can drain batteries and such. I wondered if I made a spirit mad my laughing at the pic on his grave or something. I don't know I can't explain it. It's just really weird and it sucks now cause I have to buy a new digital camera grrrr.
Here is a picture of the tomb stone

Oh and also it said he was a doctor on the other side but I couldn't get a picture of that because my camera straight up died for good.


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