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What does it mean? Why can't I remember what he said?


I dream about this place ALOT but not all the time, it's just random nights. I am in this dark creepy  forest covered by plants and cliffs and vines. I see a lot of strange looking creatures, kind of demonic like but I don't fear them. I just get that creepy feeling. There are these 3 floating rocks in it. Near the floating rocks this white mist of  a person. His legs dissolved into nothing. He talks to me all the time. And this dream is VERY vivid. and it's the same dream every time I have it. I always talk to that mist. The strange thing is the dream is so VIVID but I can NEVER remember what he was talking to me about! GRRR. I feel like it's important and I need to know. Once day though I will remember what he said and I will definitely post what he says on here.


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