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I was in this hotel with some friends of mine. And Death’s Son was lurking around, taking people’s lives.  Death’s son was tall and pale, with blackish eyes. His hair was shoulder length, straight and black. He wore a black suit and black pants. His lips where somewhat a pinkish color.

The only way Death’s son couldn’t get to you was if you held hands with the one person. He could only kill one at a time and by holding hands he might actually kill two at the same time. (I know it is odd).

One by one he killed my friends off. One friend was in an elevator and Death’s son crashed it. Another was suffocated when Death dropped a big plastic blanket over her. Another friend died when he burst into flames and ran into her burning her to death.  He killed them off until I was left.

 And I kept running and hiding and finally he caught up to me. He looked into my eyes and asked me how I would like to die. I said that I would rather be hung so one quick snap and I would be dead fast. And with a blink a noose was around my neck and I could feel it tighten. But the rope snapped and I fell. I hadn’t died. Then he told me that he didn’t really want to kill me but he had to. Again he asked me how I wanted to die.

Then his father Death appeared. He was pale tall and bald. Death’s son backed away. Then Death looked at me and I felt an incredible pain in my chest. I felt like I was being squeezed to death. Like my insides were crushing each other.

 Then I ran away as fast as I could and I was like in this woodsy place and I kept seeing Deaths’ Son here and there. Then I stopped by a tree still in pain. And this panther jumped out and started clawing away. And I looked over and saw Death and his Son. Death’s Son looked at me and said “Sorry you just had to die.” Then I woke up.


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