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The Djinn or Jinn; Anyone know?


I hope I posted this in the right place...I have a few questions about the Jinn.. Okay here are my questions:

Where would one find the Jinn? What type of environment do they dwell in?

This is an odd question but do Jinn associate with certain numbers? Sorry if this is a dumb question...

Are Jinn attracted to mediums? I was just wondering because mediums run in the family and I've experienced a lot but not sure what it really is..(I usually just see them not really hear them...)

I'm not sure but I have always wondered. When I was 13 I used to see this skeleton like corpse walking around my home. Back then I was christian (I'm not anymore) and I kept seeing it so I ran to the church and got confirmed but it didn't go away for a long time. I don't see it anymore...What do you think?

Can Jinn intrude your thoughts and dreams? I've heard that they can read minds but can they force themselves into your consciousness?

Do Jinn attach themselves to certain types of people? If so what types do they like?

What are all the types of Jinn? And how are they different from one another?

I've done a lot of witchcraft in my past. When I lived in my last house we did all sorts of rituals and we thought we were summoning the dead but I think something else came through and my house literally felt cursed, a lot of bad things happened after we did all those rituals. It became infested with cockroaches really bad and I mean BAD. I saw a lot of strange, unexplainable things there. The depression was horrible it was hard to breathe. I saw a lot of Apparitions and more...Really creepy things..Could we have possibly invited Jinn into our old home? It was the same home where I saw the skeleton corpse thing...But I saw that before I did any witchcraft...

How does one get rid of a bothersome Jinn?

Can the Jinn posses you? If so is there anything you can do to protect yourself?

Is the book "The Vengeful Jinn" a good book on this topic? I haven't ordered it yet but was thinking about it..Would you recommend it? Also, is there any other good books about them?

Can the Jinn physically hurt you?

Do Jinn stay in certain groups? Or are they all solo? Are they in certain clans or something?

That's it for now, lol. Sorry it was a lot of questions.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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