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How to Communicate with Spirits by Elizabeth Owens


"How to Communicate with Spirits" by Elizabeth Owens is one of the best books on Spiritualism and Spirit Communication I have read! It's right up there with my favorite author, Raymond Buckland's books. It clearly explains clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsenyience, and clairgustance very well. Which really impressed me. This book explains everything very well, to the point where anyone can easily understand it. She hit the topic "Spirit Guides" Perfectly. She explains it very thoroughly. I read this book so fast it was so interesting. I am currently reading it again and within an hour I was on chapter 5, which is really good considering I have ADHD. I just wanted to let everyone know how much I enjoyed this book and how I recommend it for beginner Spiritualists out there. Owen's gives very good example's and describes everything she talks about in great detail. She lives at a Spiritualist camp and is a medium herself and is very educated on this subject. It's just a really good book.    I could only find it online though. That's probably your best bet to getting it. Sorry if this is all scrambled, I'm not very good at explaining things or doing book reviews  But there is my two cents.


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