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Ok I haven't slept all night so I hope this makes sense. Haven't you ever been told not to use the Ouija board in front of a mirror? Or something to that extent? Anyways A long time ago I was at my old friend Aj's house and his house was already haunted but not bad. We started to mess with mirrors and did some spells and summoning rituals in front of his big mirror. Then one night we were in the dark surrounded by candles and it was pitch black cept for the candles..very eerie night...anyways we were doing ouija and the mirror cracked right in front of us!!! It was a big strong mirror too! and it cracked on its own! And me and aj were the only one's in his house. After the mirror broke a bunch of wierd activity started to happen. things moving around on their own, shadows, things getting thrown and falling off things when no one was there..ect..not to mention the nightmares he had in his house after that. I was just wanting to gather information about mirrors and their mysteriousness or whatever...yeah I'm tired I hope that made sense. Do you think that the mirror at aj's was holding spirits or some kind of entity? and when it cracked it was released? Can't wait to hear your opinions and information. Thanks.

(btw this happened when we 1st started dabbling in this kind of stuff (Ouija) we were young and stupid and didnt take any precautions.)

I don't have any hard answers to your question but I can tell you my own experience with mirrors. Although, you should know that there must be a reason for things, right? A metaphor: A man is hungry and wants some food so he discovers some, in whatever way and satiates himself, problem solved. A man is not hungry so he goes to find food, he finds some and then leaves because he's not hungry.

Which makes more sense? There is always a purpose to paranormal experiences, it may have nothing to do with you, like a spirit/ghost/entity inhabiting a dwelling/object or it may be brought about because of you and therefore, have EVERYTHING to do with you.

You were calling something to yourself, it's like that old invitation thing and what will happen, I don't know. What it wants, I can only guess at but it may be hungy.

I see things in mirrors often, I used to be afraid of them but got over it, after a long time of being afraid. I've had a woman or the illusion of a woman try to stab me, a man that had killed himself next door, walk by the mirror when I'm looking in it and I generally have bad things happen when I'm looking in the mirror. Mirrors are illusions, you see what you want to see, the fact about entities is that they can appear however they would like (energy allowing). They live in a world of simple energy, they don't have eyes/bodies/faces/hair, they show you what you want or don't want to see. They need energy, if they're bothering themselves with you, they are hungry for that life-force. A couple typical ways that they get that energy: they will scare you, like the woman that tried to stab me, I could almost see the energy explode from me when I become so fearful. Why do you think they don't just stand there, scaring you infinitely, they only have the energy for a short burst of a show. The second way, they can incite you to be more angry or more negative. It's far easier to agree with your friend when he/she is saying "I hate that person, they always cause me trouble, I wish they were gone" than to make them hate someone that they have no problem with. That is what they do, they will urge that feeling along, especially if you allow them to make you feel better with their agreement.

With ouija boards, they have that glass in the middle of the dial you place your fingers on. This concentrates or offers a door for discussion, they were once called "Talking boards" long before hasbro made it a household game. The instructions always said to not let the planchette off the board, for it would offer a permanent door into your own space. The board is the holder of the door and when the board is properly cleaned, it is simple to close this door. You offered a door with your mirror and maybe the cracking was a simple opening of that doorway into your space. Not that it HAD to be whatever is in your dwelling now but it's a doorway for any entity that happens to be around when you're calling. Like opening your front door and whoever happens to be on the sidewalk, saying "HEY! Come on in, you seem interesting. Can you tell me anything about my life/death/family/history/earth/aliens?"

Remember that you are alive and you have many forms of energy at your fingertips. If you protect yourself, then you cannot be harmed. When/if you feel threatened, calm your mind, relax, do not make faces, like a scared/surprised/angered expression, have a look of ultimate serenity. You are in control and nothing will harm you, you will not allow it to. Imagine the feeling you get when you almost trip or drop something, it's this rise of energy in you, you kinda like it too and say

 "OMG! I totally almost dropped that vase! haha!"

Really imagine that energy you have inside you, feel it push out of you in a bubble and imagine that nothing negative may enter that space, you are protected completely and if anything does try to enter it, it will be burned severely. Practice this and never forget that you have more power than it does, it wants your energy for a reason, not because you're weak but because you're strong.



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