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I thought I would share one of my first paranormal experiences.


       When I was quite young, I was walking along the sidewalk in front of my house, scraping a stick along the concrete. I turned to go up the path to my front porch and looked up at our house which had a bay window on the right side. I see an old man sitting on the bench inside the room which has the bay window, his head is resting on the glass, facing in toward the room, so I'm seeing the back of him. As a child, I didn't question it, I just "knew" he was dead. I processed that thought quickly, the man disappeared and I continued walking up to our house, unafraid and feeling no need to think further on it. The people that lived in the house was my grandmother, mother, 2 sisters, myself and my brother (listed according to age.) My grandfather lived with his wife in a different city and had for quite a long time. He had a different skin tone, hair color, amount of hair and basic body shape than the gentleman in the bay window. My father was quite young and different in many ways, so there is no question that it could be him.

       Years pass and we are all teenagers now, the eldest sister being 18. One morning she comes out of her room, which is the bay window room, previously occupied by my now deceased grandmother. She tells us that she woke up in the middle of the night, sat up on her bed and directly in front of her is an old man. He's sitting cross-legged on her long dresser drawers and has a cigarette in his hand. He's just looking at her, she feels no fear or need to escape. They sit for a short time looking at each other and he disappears.

     Because of this story, I remember my experience when I was young and tell the rest of the family. The same feelings were had, both of us didn't feel fear when we saw this man and he didn't try to interact with us except for simply being in the same vicinity. My mother then decides to look up the history of the house and she finds that a gentleman had owned the house before us and had died in the house at an old age, of natural causes.

       This is a nice experience of the paranormal and I am not sure why it happened but it did nonetheless.



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