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My 'normal' dreams often tell what will happen in my life in the next day, week, or month. My nightmares are unholy, I was once visited by a demon in one of them and the devil in another, and then I had a dream telling me to make a yellow wooden cross, with pointed edges and biblical treasures and their names on each end. I remember the holy grail on the left edge, and the ark of the covenant on the bottom edge. another time I had a dream saying I should make a man-sized wooden cross, but with a hole in the center where I was told to carve the symbol of Islam and the star of david where the star in the crescent moon would be.

And the point of this was what?

The dreams that tell my future usually come true, and I need to make 2 crosses apparently, the 1st one was to ward demons and the 2nd one was supposed to be like the big 3 religions in harmony

This is so effed up I can't even imply a logical message to challenge your statements.


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