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--- Quote ---Just the type of vaccine would be enough
--- End quote ---

It was a combined vaccine.

--- Quote ---Total horsesh*t.

Salk died of age-related heart failure in 1995, aged 80
--- End quote ---

That doesnt surprise me at all. He was taking it in its pure form.

Albert Hoffman took LSD drops each day of his life, and lived to 100 ;)

just stumbled upon this one Vaccinated children have up to 500% more disease than unvaccinated children

I wouldn't wipe my ass with anything reported as "fact" by that crank website.

yeah i dunno, dude looks funny for sure

Natural News, the website you are using for vaccine info, is a quack website for which "ANYONE can write an article and have it posted by filling out a simple form.  NaturalNews is a pseudoscience aggregating site and provided the article is written with an anti-science and pro-alternative medicine slant, it will most certainly be published... There is no check of credentials, no verification of identify, and no attempt to determine conflict of interest.  The only requirement is that the author has a Google adsense account so they can collect ad revenue..." They are currently running a news headline warning their [gullible] readers that eevil scientizts have created a fishberry by genetically modifying a strawberry with a gene from a fish.

Except that "news" first appeared in newspapers in July 1990.

And even then was pure speculation by excitable tabloid newspapers who wilfully misunderstood a (failed) Canadian National Research Council experiment on corn.

Twenty-two years later, the quacks at NN are feeding this bullsh*t as gospel to a new generation of internet-savvy-but-science-ignorant gawkers.



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