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I am looking for some information about an negative entity; could be dark energy, shadow person, demon????
The only thing I know is that it apparently has a twin or more.

more details would help, there's oodles of negative energy in this world. For shadow information there's the shadow board, they're not necessarily negative creatures, just spooky. over this board.

how'd you come across it, what does it do, why do you perceive it as negative?

I am going to keep this as short as I can.
A group of people "locked up" an entity, which they perceived as dark. It took them several hours to do so.
Now some of them are followed by what they say might be a twin. What I have not found out yet is the name of the entity they locked up. They will not mention its name.
I waned to know if there is an entity out there that has twin or doubles?

doppelgangers come to mind but if it's of the demonic sort...they can look like anything you can imagine them to and no one will know.

Binding, the proper term for what you're friends say they're attempting always comes down to a power of the wills, if they're distracted by this "twin", who's maintaining the binding?

It's an issue of their own doing, based in christian demonology and unless they're actually trained and prepared to deal with the seriousness of their pursuits beyond some books and internet information, they are bound to be pestered by all manners of things. A twin is just the beginning, spirits of any sort don't like being rudely obstructed from doing what they do and have all sorts of tricks to trick the magician, usually causing the person more misery than if they'd have just sent it on it's way and been done with it, and if it's a demon...they never act alone.

If they're being dramatically secretive about it, they're either full of hooey, suffering from delusions of grandeur or just trying to play with the big boys and destined to have more and more misery until they deal with it rightly and appropriately, locking something up and forgetting about it doesn't work. You can contain energy in a light bulb but if too much energy builds up it blows and can cause an electrical fire, burn baby burn!

locking something away is always a bad idea, sort of like repressed'll sit, stew, build and eventually explode.

stay away from those people, focus on your own defenses and let them deal with their own bed of supernatural ego, such pursuits permeate anything and everything around the source and very few humans are equipped to deal with the real nasty things of the ethereal realm, especially if they're pissed off.

King Solomon learned his lesson, and he was an acknowledged master, what do they really know about it?

Thanks Jordyn. You confirmed pretty much what I was thinking about. The group that did the binding is from all different religions, including pagan and wicca. When I was told about it, to be on alert (apparently this entity is also going after friends, girlfriends and family), I was upset that they messed with it without even knowing what they are messing with.  Like you said binding isn't always the answer.
I am now concerned about my daughter because she had/has some not so good things happening to her. Like hearing her name called just to mention one of them.
What kind of protection should I put up?  I have already cleansed our house.

To make it clear she had nothing to do with the binding neither did her boyfriend. It was her boyfriends
friends. Does that make sense?


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