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I'm making this post because I am looking for a real hunter or someone who may be able to direct me to a real hunter. I've been to a few places, seen some things, and I have encountered demons, spirits, fairies, and other things. I've delt with (Banishing, warding off, saving others from temptation) and helped other ones (Getting free, crossing over from this world). But I need to learn more, I feel like I know to little to be doing what it is I have been doing here for the past two years now. I have multiple books and people I do in fact talk to, but I need to take on apprenticeship from someone who is experienced. If anyone here knows anyone, could you possibly message me or post on this thread. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

I don't believe in hunting the supernatural...what is the point?

What more do you need to learn that you can't learn through personal study, experience and understanding what you deal with, what you've experienced and how those situations have made you feel?. If you're having problems you can't handle, find an exorcist. The only apprencticeship you might find(if you want to call it that) would be the catholic church, when it comes to demonology they are unfortunately the original experts in dealing with what those not of the cloth feel they can't and ironically enough seeking more exorcists even opening up more classes for it.

What exactly do you want to do with a hunter or being a hunter?

Exorcism and Hunting are two different things, Exorcism is to remove the spirit from the unwanted host. Not the hunt. Hunting is to find that which is evil and deal with it where others may not be able to. The catholic church and all of these other churches are so corrupt I can find better hope with talking with a tin can. But what I am looking for is someone with more experience who can teach me how to "Professionally" construct traps and track down entities that aren't supposed to be here. You spoke of exorcism where that is just the banishment of an unwanted guest in the human body or body of that of a creature. It is dirty work yes but its a very different thing.

good can't exist without evil and evil can't exist with good, besides who defines evil?

Why does someone have a right to destroy what they deem evil, when most of what is currently deemed as evil weren't always defined as evil? That's why the topic of hunting is never popular on this particular board.

...for all your judgements against the catholic church there would be no demonology without them and they have always been the master persecutors of "evil" and an ideal way to control and decimate those who once worshiped what you want to hunt, judge and destroy. A review of their persecutions are really the same ideal you're chasing and if you achieve what you're hoping to, you'll be no different.

Any "hunters" were chased away years ago...look over some of the older threads in this board and you'll have more of an understanding why this is rather a moot request.

demons are the flip side of angels and all derived from Judaism that came from early sumerian deities so define your evil.

Well, to start it off you misinterpreting what I am saying. Evil is what I see unwelcome. Good is what I see that is helping. If you cause harm to one, you are evil, you bring joy or help to one, you are being good. There is no EVIL or GOOD so you define that I spoke of. Also everyone has the right to destroy what is to live, as one has the right to bring new life into this world. Also I made little to no judgment towards the Catholic church, there doesn't have to be religion on demonology or anything like that for it to have been real. It doesn't work like that but in your point it seems to, but that is for you to believe and me to look at as a blind side of things from your point of view. What I am chasing after is NOT the same, your not reading my replies, nor my original post the way it was written. All you are reading is "Hunting" "Banishing" and "Removing" Yet you don't look at "Helping" "crossing over" and pretty much "guidance". There are two sides of my replies, and your making it one sided because you aren't looking at the full extent of my replies. Your wanting to put forward your religion over all others modest remarks or posts, thus turning it into a heated argument for no real reason. This is why I say the churches are corrupt, rather than accept the wisdom or the questions of others and replying with a good answer or not replying at all or telling them that its just not in their "Field" to answer. You don't have to turn this into an argument yet you are.

Also, I don't know if you are a mod, or admin, but chances are you will kick me for argument from stating my point, if you do it will further prove my point, or remove this post all together. If you have little to no guidance on who or where I can look, then don't  reply in agrumentive tones. Thank you.


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