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I just happened to come across this website while browsing information on mental mediums.  I've had a few experiences over the past 18 years to support my belief in the supernatural.  It started with me seeing an apparition and shadows. This past summer, there were nightly disturbances in my kitchen- something rattling the silverware drawer.  At first I thought it was my cat, dismissed it, and went back to sleep.  Over the next few nights, when I heard the rattling again (which occurred around 3 AM eastern), I would get up and check out the kitchen. Everything was in it's place.  So, one afternoon, when I had had enough I acknowledged its existence.  The disturbances stopped completely. 

Last Sunday evening my daughter was in the other room playing  and I was in the living room resting on the couch watching a show. Something tugged on the hair on the top of my head three times. I thought it was my daughter at first. I called out for her and she called back from her room.  Something or someone was trying to get my attention.  There have been no other occurrences since then.  I'm assuming that whatever entity I acknowledged this summer is still here.  I can't give much more insight into this, just sharing.

I know there is another realm of which we cannot entirely see, but some of us have the ability to sense it in one way or another.  I was able to consciously contact someone within that realm (which completely blew my mind) during a reading I was giving.  I haven't delved into that realm in over a decade.  With what has been occurring lately, I'm wondering if I need to look further into this matter.  Something wants my attention, for sure.  Any opinions/comments are welcome.


Stories like you're always raise a little concern, unfortunately you never know what's trying to get your attention, i'd like to think it's just a lonely existance trying to reach out to something tangible to keep it connected with the "real" world, but too often it ends up something more sinister trying to get the energy to become more destructive. While i don't experience it as much as i used to anymore, i still don't trust it so much.

Spirits are like ex boyfriends, once you've been burned you get a little gunshy.  :)

I guess on that note i've become more fascinated with finding out why some people seem overly susceptible to the supernatural while others seem to be completely void of the experiences. *shrugs

I do believe there's something else out there, as to what...i'm not sure and hope you find what you're looking for on this forum.

Thank you for your response.  I still am not sure "what" it is, nor have I figured out a way to effectively banish it. It usually showed up when my emotions are intense.


--- Quote from: starlight1972 on December 29, 2012, 10:57:36 AM ---Thank you for your response.  I still am not sure "what" it is, nor have I figured out a way to effectively banish it. It usually showed up when my emotions are intense.

--- End quote ---

Emotions open us up to all sorts of weird energies, personal and external.  :)

Perhaps that's why i don't experience as i used to, i have nothing that triggers intense motions frequently enough to build up.  *shrugs

ghosts...go figure.


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