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Is there a void outside our universe?

Hmmm interesting to me it would be cool if there was something else beyond everything

Oh... Theoretical physics enthusiast here.

First i must confess i had to search for the meaning of the word "Void" as i understood it differently in terms of more literal than in a scientific way. First if by void you mean a nothingness, a place where there can be nothing, neither a particle or a wave (waves are matter) than a void can theoretically and practically not exist... what? you may ask.

As many before me stated and i will also say "there can never ever be nothing"

but how? is the right question. I hope you have a basic understanding of what matter is and how we humans perceive reality.

Let me explain with an example. lets take for example London. It has building's and cars and people and other stuff. Suppose we take away the humans and cars. we are left with the buildings and trees and roads, lets take them away too. we are left with somehow the ground which is on our planet. hmmm... get where i'm going to. why not take away our planet then. and all the other planets in this galaxy. All the stars the black holes, the comets. even the small particles and waves and photons and the most of smallest neutrinos and gluons (sub atomic particles btw)...

With what are we left.... with what the hell are we left???

You might say nothing.... Think again..... nope still wrong... think harder dumb ass...

Space is the answer.. i mean the space like the space between your fingers, like the space between two dots in a three dimensional cordinative system... i guess you still dont get it :/

well that what we call space, is also matter in some sense or the other. because it exists. if space didn't exist there would be no other thing that could exist because it ould have no place. space is the stuff that makes matter existent. It can bend and deform into shapes, it can rotate and change its vector axes.

As you also might ask: "what if space didn't exist" ... well let me take you to the big bang theory.. many douchebags get it wrong.. thinking yeah but what came before that.... there cant be something before that... becuse shortly and simply explained the bigbang didnt just make matter existent (created), and waves and the physical laws... firstly i made space existent which hold in it matter, than it made time existent which flows and allows matter to have motion and momentum (yeah mostly every piece of matter you see is a wave but ill explain that if u show some kind of interest)... and so on


does the void exist.... answer: "Highly unlikely"   ..

((see what i did there...? As a Physicist i cant give you a yes or no answer because i would be wrong in all the three options... probability is the key...and a healthy scientific scepticizm)

and for that one guy that does ask me about what was before the big bang.. the creation of th cration.. there is a simple answer

oh and @Jake .. there are no "brilliant" Cosmologists ... .cosmology .. hehe .. they think its a science.. hehe :P lol


--- Quote from: Jake on January 29, 2013, 02:18:55 AM ---
--- Quote from: thealchemist on January 28, 2013, 11:47:46 AM ---there are no "brilliant" Cosmologists ... .cosmology .. hehe .. they think its a science.. hehe :P lol

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Rebuttal: Stephen Hawking and Max Tegmark, to name but two.   :-P

--- End quote ---

Either way, I just hate Cosmology... for no reason what so ever. I hate it. But i like black holes :P

I disagree, Astronomy is a dream to me. My passion for the stars is really strong, I could study the planets all night long.  :-D


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