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ugh. need fellow girl advice


my fiancee is giving an ex of his ANOTHER chance to be freinds. this PISSES me off sooooooo bad and he doesnt know it. and it doesn't help that she once told me she hoped i burn in hell. and also she called me a lady. so what should i do? how should i deal? should i keep up the charade that i'm ok with it? or let him know. i mean i guess he kinda knows i'm not ok with it cause i told him he's given her too many chances. but.....

If you two are planning to spend your life together, you have to be able to express your concerns to each other. Don't try to make him choose but keep aware. One of my friends lost to the ex girlfriend friend. It's marriage, a common thing that arises but there are more serious siruations you'll be dealing with after the honeymoon is over. Weather this storm and you'll be better equiped for a larger one. What would you want him to do if the situation was reversed?

hmm.....i prob would want him to make sure i wasn't try to talk to the ex about anything like ...u know.


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