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I need help here! Bloodlust problem!

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I'm a Demonic angel, not a angel from hell, or an angel tainted by a demon, my race is rare and almost unknown to most (Sorry for using the phase) "monsters, creatures and everthing else..."

Since i am born when my soul has been every race in existence humans, demons, angels, werewolves, vampires etc... Then a trial to make sure my soul is ready for the transformation into Demonic angel, I've been through all that, now my blood boils for no reason and i have an almost uncontrolable bloodlust...

But... I don't know how to control it, i get the bloodlust when people are near me, i smell blood, i see blood, or bite myself just to taste blood... Oh, and my blood boils a lot more when i have a bloodlust moment! Any ideas to help me here? I need this help fast, before i end up being found out by killing someone for blood...

(PS: I can't just go out and get blood from a blood bank or so, and i can't just drink my own blood forever...)

Is anyone going to help me?

I don't know if I completely believe this but i'm more empathetic than the average scientific mind and more religious but maybe issueing a phsycological routine to control it mentally meditating um quick punishment or if it can't be controlled find a friend to donate blood or pray to the gods which ever god(s) you hail from. (hope it helps)

That's the problem with being such a rare and unusual creature. If no one knows exactly what you are and when claiming established titles what works with demons and angels don't apply. I know how to deal with standard demons nd angels, all this "unknown until bound into the flesh of a troubled teen" stuff just isn't a thing most can help with. These stories make me happy to be a spiritually susceptable human than some so old no one knows about itknows about it creation.


It's not that people won't help you, most just don't know how to help a creature of such arcane complexity.

Yeah, I'm not your normal creature, but I want to know how they deal with bloodlust, and try them out for myself, to see if they work. Thanks for those who post any help towards me!


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