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Who's proud they're human?

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I am..
I can make any world or reality, define and design spirituality. Given dominion over the entire world and the reason angels fell. I can worship, believe and give life to any God I want. The only creature in the world that with a free will and the brain to enjoy all the pleasure, pain and joy this world has to offer.

I love being a creature made from the earth itself and forever one with it, evolution or divine design, being a human puts me at the top of the food chain

was that supposed to be a religious statement?

No, it was meant to offer those who don't believe they're some non human trapped in a human body to discuss the experiences as a human. It's adorable that any humanistic philosophy is questioned as religion. Neither humanism or philosophy are religious, any more than a naturalist is a witch.

So what fantastical creature with super nonhuman powers are you?

really none im just an average human. what about you?


--- Quote from: Motordemon on April 11, 2013, 07:16:34 PM ---really none im just an average human. what about you?

--- End quote ---


Did you actually read the topic or just fail to understand the point?


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