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Favorite Stephen King Books?

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He's one of my, if not my favorite, author. I've read about 95% of everything he's published, though right now i'm reading Tommyknockers for the first time, and still need to read Dolores Claiborn, and a small handful of others..

Out of all of King's works, i'd say my personal favorites, in no order, are 'The Darktower Series' (Especially the Wastelands), Salem's Lot, Eyes of the Dragon, Gerald's Game, The Green Mile, Dance Macabre, The Regulators, and the Bachman Books (especially Roadwork, and The Long Walk). He's also produced a lot of great short stories in various books like Skeleton Crew, Four Past Midnight, and Everything's Eventual...

What are some of your guys favorite works from King? Movies count as well... :D

Thats a tough one. Stephen King has a lot of great books. My mom has read the Tommyknockers, she said it was really good. I like all of his books. I don't think I have a favorite book.

Zak Roy Yoballa:
My wife liked Rose Madder alot.  She has read a lot by him too and enjoys most of them.  I've read The Stand and thought it was good, a little long though.  Sometimes he gets a little over descriptive.  


Zak Roy Yoballa:
My wife said the book was a lot better than the movie.

I like King a lot, and I just recently read Salem's lot.  That's the best so far, because first I didn't even know  it's about vampires.  The cover just said something like an evil force is coming to bury Salem's lot or something like that...


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